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Rigid Coupling

Rigid coupling is a torsionally rigid coupling, which does not have any backlash even when subjected to load, and transmits torque rigidly even when there is a deviation and a load is generated.

What we do

We focus on couplings, only high-quality products

Supply advantage

There are large warehouses with complete product specifications, sales channels cover the whole of China, and most products are exported to foreign countries. We have won the trust of a number of well-known enterprises with high-quality products, good reputation and sincere service.

Quality advantage

The company has passed the ISO9001 quality management system certification, and can provide customers with excellent, comprehensive and high-quality transmission solutions. Provide customers with satisfactory plum couplings, rigid couplings and other products.

Production advantage

The company insists on professional research and development, efficient production and strict quality supervision. Imported production and processing equipment and high-quality raw materials are used to produce high-quality plum couplings and rigid couplings.

Application field

intelligent logistics and warehousing applications

Application field

UAV application field

Application field

Metallurgical Lifting Applications

Product advantages

The wear-resistant 42Crco national standard alloy material is selected, equipped with unique forging technology, and the overall surface is treated with black flange, which can resist high heat. Differentiated products that meet customer needs can be customized according to different industries, use environments, different working conditions, and different requirements of customers.

  • more wear-resistant
  • more flexible
  • High temperature resistance
  • more precise
  • high strength
  • customizable
  • Ultra-low inertia and high sensitivity
  • Oil and corrosion resistance
  • light weight

The company has high-end technical personnel and a high-quality work team, which can provide customers with comprehensive product development and after-sales service in a timely manner.

We are experienced

We Have Over 15 Years of Experience in The Industry

So far, the company has produced a series of products such as diaphragm type, plum blossom type, cross slide type, slit type, rigid coupling, carbon steel coupling, etc., which are suitable for precision transmission connection in different occasions. Products all over the country, exported to Europe and the United States, etc., deeply trusted and praised by customers.

About Us

Provide the highest quality couplings

The company has strong technical force, advanced design and development capabilities, and precise processing, production and testing capabilities. At the same time, a strict quality control system has been established, and it has passed the ISO quality management system certification.

We adhere to the concept of “winning by quality and treating people with sincerity”, and always put quality and innovation in an important position. We pursue specificity and continuously improve customer satisfaction.

Years of technical experience

Has high-tech production equipment

Non-standard customized services can be provided

If there is any deviation in the system, it will cause premature failure of the shaft, bearing or coupling, which means that it cannot be used in high-speed environments, because it cannot compensate for the relative displacement between the shafts due to the high temperature caused by high-speed operation.
Of course, rigid couplings can also perform well in servo system applications if relative displacement can be successfully controlled. Especially small-sized rigid couplings have the advantages of light weight, ultra-low inertia and high sensitivity, and in practical applications, rigid couplings have the advantages of maintenance-free, oil resistance and corrosion resistance.
Although the use of rigid couplings in servo drives was disapproved in the past, due to their high torque capacity, rigidity and zero-backlash performance, small-sized aluminum alloy rigid couplings are increasingly used in the field of motion control.
1. Light weight, ultra-low inertia and high sensitivity 2. Maintenance-free, oil and corrosion resistance 3. Aluminum alloy and stainless steel materials 4. Provide fastening bolt type, clamping type and separation type 5. Product models with different aperture sizes at both ends are also available from stock